How to Last Longer in Bed – 10 Easy Ways For Men

Last Longer in Bed

By nature, men are quite tight-lipped and discreet when faced with problems like sexual inadequacy. How to last longer in bed is an embarrassing question springing about due to sexual inadequacy, which could be as a result of premature ejaculation, finishing sooner than your partner, low libido, erectile dysfunction, etc. 

However, research says that one out of every four men in recent times is faced with a contributing factor leading to not lasting long in bed.

How to last longer in bed is not a topic one feels comfortable to discuss publicly or amongst peers. That’s why we’ve decided to share some helpful procedures that could help solve the issue of coming fast, improve your sexual performance, and help create an intense love and sensual chemistry with your partner.

How to last longer in bed for Men

How to last longer in bed is a topic that cuts across a broad field of sex education, and the problem of not lasting long could be caused by even the smallest things you tend to overlook. So I’m going to group my potential solutions to the problem in three phases to help create clarity on where your exact discomfort might lie.

Phase 1 – The Preparation phase

 Many people don’t last long in bed because they haven’t been applying the right approach to the event. Sex is a form of art, that normally is not taught but can be improved upon to achieve sexual gratification. That why I’m going to share some wonderful tips that can help you prepare to achieve that amazing sexual experience.

1. Exercising the muscles

Making love (having sex) takes a lot of work and energy from the body. Whether or not you decide to go wild by stunting with some of the Kamasutra styles or settling for a less stressful experience like regular penetration (which still involves a back and forth movement), the body is certainly going to be worked up. That’s why it’s necessary for you to exercise the body once in a while before the sexual experience to achieve utmost satisfaction.

Exercise before sex comes in different forms. You can simply do yoga and try to relax, which can help you improve your endurance in bed.

Also, kegal exercises are also great and help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Another tip is to reduce anxiety. Being so tensed about having sex, especially if it’s a crush or a day you’ve been dreaming about, you may spill rather too quickly due to the adrenaline rush.

2. Taking Edible enhancers

Edibles that can help improve sexual performance and allow you last longer in bed exist in two forms.

    1. Natural foods: Some foods are excellent sex enhancers and can help one last longer in bed. They are called aphrodisiacs fruits and have significant benefits, for they are rich in potassium. They include bananas, oranges, cucumbers, peas, etc.
    2. Last longer in bed supplements: Some supplements can help boost sexual performance. A good and recommended all-natural last longer in bed pills is Male Extra. It goes a long way in improving sexual experiences and can help one last longer in bed. It is an organic last longer in bed pills for longer, stronger, and better erections.

male extra

3. Masturbation

Masturbating is another helpful and very reliable method of preparation to help have great sex and last longer in bed.

Naturally, it takes a while for men to recover after ejaculation, so when you masturbate 30mins—1 hour before sex, it goes a long way in helping you to last long before finishing.

You can train yourself while masturbating. To do this, you have to stimulate yourself to the point of finishing, then stop stimulation. This would not only help enhance your sexual performance but would also allow you to know your limit.

Last long before coming

Phase 2 – The Performance phase

This phase would help you know what to do during the act and how to do them rightly to help you last longer in bed. If the preparation phase has been followed frankly, then the methods below can help ensure perfect results.

4. Reducing stimulation

This process has to with numbing your nerves to make you less sensitive during the act and helping you reduce stimulation. There are a couple of effects you can employ to minimize stimulation during sex and last longer in bed, e.g., using climax control condoms or thick condoms. Numbing condoms can help reduce stimulation, most especially when you are used to doing it raw or with thin layer condoms.

5. Foreplay

Unlike men who easily climax during penetration, it takes a while for the ladies to come. So, you can engage in foreplay with your partner, which involves teasing, rubbing, kissing, or even oral sex to help bring her to her climax, by delaying your delight.

6. Switching Roles and Changing Positions

During the act, it’s evident that one party would be dominant at some point. You can use this as a way to last longer. When you notice you are close to finishing, you can let your partner take the dominant role. By doing less, you tend to prolong the experience. Also, when you are close to finishing, you can change your current sex position. This would help stop stimulation. And to get back, you would have to build another wave of emotions, which would help you last longer.

Your partner can also apply the pause and grip method to stop you from finishing. This has to do with your partner pausing during the act and gripping your penis for a short period to stop you from ejaculating.

7. Reduce speed

when engaging in the regular back and forth movement during the act, you can reduce the speed of your thrusts when close to finishing to help reduce stimulation and last longer. Thrusting slowly with time intervals can go a long way in helping you last longer in bed.


Phase 3 – The Consultation phase

 This is the last phase, and it involves consulting a party and having a dialogue with either your partner, a therapist, or a doctor.

8. Dialogue with your partner

Most of the time, men don’t last long in bed because they don’t engage their partners in sexual conversations. Talking with your partner can help you understand her chemistry and help you devise means that can help you last longer in bed. Your partner might be one who likes to dominate once in a while during the act, but you won’t know that if you don’t converse.

9. Talking to a Therapist

Sometimes, the issue of not lasting long in bed can be psychological. A visit to a therapist can help you spot the problems you didn’t know existed. Visits to therapists are fruitful, for they help exhaust pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, most especially when the problems are relationship-based.

10. Taking to a Doctor

Sometimes, the reason for coming fast in bed might be health-related, e.g., premature ejaculation, which could result from depression and anxiety, hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, etc. A doctor could be very helpful here by prescribing the right drugs or medication to help resolve the problem—prescribing antibiotics if the premature ejaculation results from infections or discussing the medical approach if natural remedies are not working. It’s expected that the doctor might review your health history, runs some lab tests, etc. 

How to last longer in bed – conclusion

If you were formerly bothered about not lasting long in bed and haunted by that look of disgust on your partner’s face when you came faster than cops in a white neighborhood, this sums up all the possible approaches you should take. You are now enlightened on the steps to take to enjoy a wonderful sexual experience.

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