How to Lose Love Handles Fast: The Simple Guide

how to lose love handles

The popular name for the pile of fat around the mid-section (the area around the abdomen and hips) of the body and lower back is called “Love handles.” Love handles (front and back) are the area of skin from the side of the hips. They indicate extra fat around the hips and stomach area.

Over the years, due to a loose diet that involves food with a high amount of calories and a lifestyle void of exercise, it is quite easy for fatty deposits to develop around the love handle area.

The steps involved to help lose love handles for men and women are sometimes not straightforward, that’s why I have decided to weed out all the frivolities and share with you an ultimate guide to follow and achieve the best result.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles – Men and Women

Losing love handles centre around the combination of working on a lean diet to reduce body fat, taking a lot of rest and Exercising.

Using Diet to lose love handles

This is one of the crucial steps involved to properly lose love handles. You can modify your diet to lose love handles and general body weight. Even when you engage in rigorous amounts of exercise, if you don’t change or adjust your diet, it would be near impossible to get the perfect result. A few guides to help modify your diet are:

Diet to lose love handles

Cutting down Calorie intake

It’s almost unlikely to remove excess fat from a single region of the body, especially love handles, without losing bodyweight in general. One of the unique ways to get premium results is to cut down calorie intake. The target is to cut about 500-700 daily calorie consumption. 

This step would help lose a minimum of 1-2 pounds every week if followed religiously. With time, you would notice a reduction in overall body mass and lose love handles. To get more information on how to reduce calorie intake, you can check out How to lose 10 pounds without exercise.

Avoid fatty meat

People who work out and follow a less calorie diet plan, require a lot of protein consumption for the body to work properly, but not just any protein. Lean protein is best suited for eating to help reduce love handles. Fatty type meat like steak, sausage and beef, and dairy-rich in fat have a lot of saturated fat which could result in increased stomach fat in men. Eating lean cuts of protein like turkey, chicken, fish, etc. can help reduce love handles and belly fat.

Reduce Processed and fried food consumption

Eating processed and fried food regularly would make it hard to get rid of love handles because they are highly calorific, which is not good for weight loss. Most processed foods are high in sugar, which is not only bad for the body (when consumed in large quantities) but could make love handles look bad because they tend to pile around the stomach region. 

The types of foods to limit are fried foods, canned meat, processed meat, sweetened beverages, chips, cakes, candies, ice-cream etc.

Substituting rich Carb foods with Vegetables

Eating foods rich in carbohydrates is not ideal for men and women who plan to lose love handles. They tend to result in increased fat around the stomach region. Foods like cakes, pie and cookies are rich in carbohydrate and are not suitable for weight loss when consumed regularly. 

It’s advisable to eat a sizeable portion of non-starchy vegetables at every meal. Starchy vegetables like potato, carrot, peas, corn etc. contain a high amount of carbohydrate, so it’s smarter to consume legumes, dairy products and fruits because they have a low carb rate.

Drinking water

Drinking water a lot tends to reduce appetite and assist in helping to monitor your calorie intake. Drinking water before each meal helps to reduce the amount you eat and goes a long way to reduce body fat and love handles.

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Using Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles

exercise to lose love handles

Another important step you need to employ to lose love handles effectively is to engage in exercises. A combination of a lean diet and exercise will give the perfect result. Below are some few tips you can apply to help lose those embarrassing love handles.

Switch up your Lifestyle

By making your lifestyle centre around exercise can help your body to get rid of love handles easily. Activities like walking, taking the stairs, standing, or even engaging in house chores can be very useful in your weight loss program.


Bumper Training

This has to do with merging hard workout period and light workout, which can help burn fats. Light workout like yoga mixed with a couple of hard poses, will do a lot of good. Also, you can mix jogging, walking and short sprint in a single training event. Joining a jogging group can be helpful to this cause.

Aerobic Exercise

30 minutes of mild to intense cardio training and exercise every three to four days in a week can be very effective for the reduction of body fat. Activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, running and a few other aerobics class exercise can also go a long way and help to lose love handles.

Engaging in Intense core exercise

Core exercises like crunches, planks, swimmers etc. would not necessarily reduce love handles or overall body fat, like cardio and a lean diet would do, but it can develop muscles around the core region that can help conceal a little of the fat around those regions.

Taking proper rest

To achieve real progress, it’s necessary for the body to rest properly after rigorous bodywork. It’s also vital and assist the loss of love handles since the body adjusts and shape up during this period. Adequate rest helps to reduce stress and gather energy to carry out other activities.

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The practices listed above if followed religiously, would help anyone, man or woman, to reduce love handles. Imagine being in that dress but not having to worry about everyone seeing the fatty side of your body. Feels great to be comfortable in your own skin, positive and confident wherever you go. Lose those love handles today!

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