How to Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercise: 10 Sure Tips

How I Lose 10 pounds without exercise
Lose 10 pounds without exercise

Losing weight has been the topic on people’s lips in recent times. To lose 10 pounds without exercise, you need to have a driving force so as not to backslide when embarking on such an uncomfortable but rewarding journey.

The reason for losing weight ranges from trying to be physically fit, reducing health risk, making yourself appealing, social media validation, eradicating fashion restrictions, being comfortable in your body, etc. The later was my reason for trying to burn off some pounds.

How to lose 10 pounds without exercise

I have an endomorph body type (ability to put on weight easily), which gives me first-hand experience on the plight people face with their size. I know how sad it feels to be left out of fashion trends, or being uncomfortable taking pictures or that slight view of yourself in the mirror that brings disgust to your stomach.

Being a lazy person (which I’m not proud of by the way), the concept of losing weight had always been a dreadful topic because it had one word that kept coming up every time — exercise. 

I never liked the concept of exercising, it sounded like too much work, and I always lacked interest in anything that had to do with repetition. So, I made an effort to look for an easy way out without Exercise or liposuction surgery, and honestly, I made enormous progress, I was able to lose 10 pounds in weeks without exercise. Yes, without exercise!

That’s why I’m going to share 10 tips that helped me lose 10 pounds within a month without exercise.

10 tips that helped me lose 10 pounds without exercise.

Before we go into details, I want to be honest with you. To lose weight, you have to face discomfort, with or without exercise.

Yes, I discovered an easy way out, but I still faced discomfort, so if you want to get work done, you need to have this in mind.

How I lose weight without exercise

1) Shopping:

You’re probably thinking, “Shopping?” Well, Shopping here has nothing to do with healthy food, gym clothes, or running shoes.

I bought was a wristband, an Airpod and lastly, a weigh scale.

I got a notepad to serve as a food journal, while the wrist band and weigh scale were to physically monitor my weight loss progress. You are to wear the wristband (Smartwatch) every time, as it helps to remain conscious of the program.

It preferable to use a hard copy notepad than the software application on your phone to make you get serious, but if the later would help you get serious, feel free to use it.

The next thing I did was to organize a music playlist for my new routine. It’s common knowledge that music is one of the fastest ways to heals the soul, and I’m a music lover.

Once I had my playlist settled, I proceeded to hunt for a very long TV show to follow up. Comedy shows where the best option, shows like Friends, How I met your mother, Family guy, Everybody hates Chris, etc. A little bit of laughter would help solve any problem.

One thing was certain: my life was about to change, and I needed to get comfortable with the new routine. I heard of numerous cases where people felt deprived of their pattern of life with the new routine and relapsed, I didn’t want that for myself, so I decided to battle discomfort with a new form of comfort.

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2) Watch your calorie intake: 

A healthy diet requires a minimum of 1,200 daily calorie intake. You stand at risk of nutrients deficiency if you take a diet low in calories.

To effectively check the caloric content in each, it’s advisable to search with brand names or substitutes for snacks or drinks, e.g., “the total amount of calories in KFC hamburger.” You won’t face much difficulty with regular foods.

Now that we know the full details of the amount of calories you have been consuming (I’m sure you are surprised at how much), it’s time to modify it.

I made an effort to cut about 500-700 calories from my daily food consumption and still maintained a healthy 1,200 daily calorie margin.

3) Create a meal plan

I made an effort to design every meal to cover a particular range of calorie amounts. E.g., I made breakfast to be within 300-350 calories; lunch had to be larger since my work routine made me tired easily. Dinner was about the same range as breakfast.

Don’t worry. I had snacks, carbs, and small chops in the mix of the total daily amount of healthy calorie intake (although not every day). It’s almost impossible to give those up, but you have to reduce their intake drastically if you want improvement.

It is also crucial that you don’t take dinner at late hours in the night. Early dinner is not only helpful for weight loss but overall wellbeing.

Not sure how to create your meal plan? Check out this 15 Day Diet Plan.

4) Eat Fruits and vegetables

Fad diets are right when they hinted on fruit and vegetable consumption (although less calorie consumption does the real job). Fruits and vegetables go a long way to provide much-needed nutrients to ensure the body works perfectly.

5) The Battle against discomfort

We’re only human, and in our quest to lose up to 10 pounds without exercise, there will come a time when you will feel lazy to draft your daily or weekly meal plan and find it hard to resist the urge to eat more, the cravings, and a lot of other difficulties. I understand, and here is the solution.

Remember your music playlist? It’s time to create a habit of using music to do the work. Fix three favorite songs you love from your playlist in your morning schedule and put them on repeat once. Always listen to these songs only when drafting your meal plan, and by the time the song stops, you should be done with your meal plan. This would help solve the laziness issue.

Lose 10 pounds without exercise

6) Choking up Free time

The urge to eat mostly comes up when you are less busy, bored, or troubled. So, we have to create a tight schedule to choke up those free time.

The long TV show comes into play here. If you are the type going through a lot, the comedy type shows will help, a little laughter would go a long way to change your mood. Whenever you get that feeling of restlessness or weakness, pick an episode of the TV show to pass the time with.

If you’re the type that can’t see a movie without eating something, you can push your daily calorie accepted snack in the meal plan to this time.

Another solution is to pick up a chore and start on it, and while doing it, switch on your headphones and play some of your go-crazy dance songs (my favorite was “Happy” and “Freedom” by Pharrell Williams). Before the end of the song, time has passed, and your mood has changed. When you spend your time doing something you enjoy, you won’t feel hungry 70% of the time.

7) Go the extra mile

When trying to lose 10 pounds without exercise and telling the brain, “Hey, I’m trying to exercise–which is something we don’t like, so make me extra tired and stop,”--there are little things we can add to our daily activities that will shed some of those annoying flesh. 

An example is using the staircase instead of the elevator. So, let’s say your office isn’t that far up and you aren’t in a hurry, trying to catch up to an important meeting, using the stairs instead of the lift is a goal! You may end up sweating a little, but that small task has done more good for your body than you can realize.

Another typical example is when coming back home. When you get to a walking distance to your house, you can walk home instead of hailing a taxi. You will lose some lbs in the process.

The Walk-In: So, you want to lose 10 pounds without exercise like I did. This was a vital part of my weight loss program. The walk-in has to do with a particular venue with a full-sized mirror to get virtual confirmation on your weight loss progress every three days.

I had a mirror in my room, but I felt too comfortable around it, and it didn’t make me look different, plus I needed a ritual to help build motivation, so I decided to look outside my comfort zone.

My first choice was the gym, but I felt discouraged seeing people doing all that handwork, so I settled for a nearby barbershop.

In a guise to greet the barber every three days, I used that chance to steal a glance at my body’s progress.

8) The Stroll

Believe me, sometimes the TV shows might not stop the restlessness or troubles. It happens a lot when you are in your comfort zone most of the time. No worries, it’s time to go for a stroll.

I usually feel comfortable walking around my neighborhood (while listening to my playlist, of course).

If you stay in an area that’s not safe to stroll around, you can use that time to check on a friend or visit a salon or barbershop for a new hairstyle.

If you decide on a stroll, I will support that because it’s a form of exercise. Taking long walks and doing a quick sprint on a flight of stairs could go a long way. It won’t give the same effect as lifting dumbbells, but this is among how I lose 10 pounds without exercise.

9) Take Proper Rest

To lose weight effectively, you have to sleep a minimum of 8-9 hours at night. A good amount of rest would help in weight loss with or without exercise and other healthy functions such as growing your hair faster.

It’s essential, and you deserve the rest after much work.

10) Reward yourself

During the weight-loss period, it’s advisable to follow up with a calendar. Always find time to reward yourself at the end of every month. It builds confidence and motivation.

It’s not advisable to reward oneself with food, but rather with outings. Go get that beautiful shirt or dress you love and try it out. If it doesn’t fit yet, hang it up in an open space where your eyes would always meet it, let it be another source of motivation.

Lose 10 pounds without exercise: Conclusion

In conclusion on how to lose 10 pounds in a week without exercise, it should be clear that results might not come quickly. But like I told myself when I started my weight loss program, “Little progress is better than no progress.”

So take it easy and stay consistent, and one day, that Smartwatch on your wrist would start to dangle freely.


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