Male Extra Results From Real Customers (2020)

male extra results and testimonial

Hearing how good this supplement is and even after reading several Male extra reviews, one could still be doubtful about these pills and Male Extra Results. These testimonials are from Male extra’s customers who felt compelled to leave a review of the results they got.

Since it’s quite offensive to show a live ‘before and after’ male extra photo, hearing a testimonial from a real user should serve the same purpose. Are male extra results permanent? Find out from them.

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Male Extra Results

Video testimonial 1:

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Video transcript: This has undergone light editing to ensure it reads better.

Here’s what the customer from Japan was saying:

“Hi there, good day to you, Male Extra team. First and foremost, I would like to say thank you very much for having this wonderful product, but before we go into the details why I really really appreciate this amazing product of yours, let me just give you a bit of detail about me and about my previous ‘sexual issues.’


I’m currently living here in Japan with my lovely wife—we are both Asians, and we’re currently both working together—have our own job.


Since we got married, after a couple of years, we just realized that our marriage had seemed too lost its spark, particularly our sex life. We occasionally lost our interest in each other, resulting in unsatisfied intercourse.


So, to cut the story short, after a couple of years and research of my own, I came to the conclusion that I most likely was suffering from premature ejaculation. It was so disappointing and embarrassing for her to know that I got this kind of issue, but the good thing is I did not give up. I made a decision to follow a well-structured diet plan, as I kept on searching the internet for some possible resolution that could somehow boost and enhance my testosterone level and stamina.


That was the time I thought I could give some of the top-rated male enhancers out there a try and see if they really work. Although I gathered a lot of products on my research, I ended up checking out the Male Extra website and decided to try out one bottle.


Amazingly, after a couple of weeks, I noticed my sexual drive skyrocketed. By the third week, my wife and I were so pleased and felt satisfied. I remember my wife telling me that she was really impressed with my stamina, and ever since then, we both have been having a wonderful time together.


Since I love playing basketball, I have also noticed that during any physical activity or journey, or working out, I have more strength and stamina than ever before. Not only did this amazing product enhance my manhood, I got better insurance on any physical activity I am doing.


This product is really a marriage lifesaver, and today officially marks the first month since I started taking it. I’m certainly going to continue to order this product and keep on taking it. It really did help eliminate premature ejaculation.


My next goal as I continue to use it is to have an increase in erection size.


As a conclusion, I recommend this to anyone who is having the same issue as mine or other sexual-related issues. This is so amazing. Thank you very much, Male Extra.”

Male Extra Results Video testimonial 2:

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Video transcript: This was also edited to ensure that it flows better.

“This is the Male Extra supplement bottle, and these little blue pills have changed my life forever. As you can see, they come in pill form, and it’s just a male supplement that you take three times daily. But first, let me tell you why I started taking Male Extra.


I work full-time, and I go to school full-time, and needless to say, that puts a lot of stress on your schedule, so when I was in the bedroom around this time that I was so busy and so stressed out, I found myself having trouble getting an erection. So, I asked one of my good male friends if he had advice for me or what his trick was for getting hard when it was hard, and he told me about Male Extra. He told me about how well it worked for him, and now I’m here to tell you about how well it worked for me.


So, as you can see, this is a bunch of pills—this is a 90-capsule bottle which is a one-month supply, because you take three daily, and you’re gonna want to take your pills with a meal as directed. I took mine with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that has just worked out for me. Whatever you want to do is up to you. Just take three a day and take them with a meal.


So, let’s talk about what they do when they start working. You’re gonna get a bigger dick, just like it says on the bottle. You’re going to have a harder erection, just like it says on the bottle, and you’re gonna have longer sex, just like it says on the bottle. Now, what it doesn’t say on the bottle is how good that sex is, but when it’s bigger, harder, and longer, it pretty much is obvious that is a lot better but let me start with bigger.


I took this for three months, and my erection grew over an inch and a half. I was completely shocked. I could not believe this thing works so well. So, three months of this, and I have a completely new penis, it’s unbelievable. It is so much longer. I know an inch and a half is like, you know, big, but it’s huge when you’re talking penis size.


So, let’s talk about harder. What you’re gonna notice about your erection is that it is harder; like, you are not even able to bend this thing if you tried, and not only is your erection harder but it’s harder for longer. Usually, you know, when I’m done with sex, my erection is gone like that.


However, I’m able to go round two, round three with Male Extra, it is unbelievable. It completely transformed my sex life. At this point, you’re probably a little bit curious where you can get one of these bottles, and let me just tell you I’ve looked throughout the internet, and you cannot find them for a better price than in the description box of this video. So, check out the link below and let me know how it works for you.


It completely worked for me, and I am so excited that I am able to communicate to you guys how this worked for me, because a friend told me about it, and now, I want to be your friend and tell you about it.


Again, this is Male Extra. If you want to try it for yourself, go to the link in the description box of this video.”

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Male Extra Results – Conclusion

Now, before asking whether Male Extra really works, these gentlemen have taken that worry from you and were bold enough to tell their story and how Male extra helped them get bigger, longer, stronger erections and better sex lives. Don’t forget the 100-day money-back guarantee still stands on your orders. Get Male Extra Now

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